Butternut Squash Two Ways

Embrace the autumnal charm and elevate your culinary experience with the versatile and vibrant butternut squash. In this culinary adventure, we explore two delightful ways to prepare this seasonal favorite—Hasselback and Stuffed. From the crispy, accordion-like layers of the Hasselback style to the savory, hearty goodness of a stuffed butternut squash, these recipes are bound to impress your taste buds and your dinner guests.

Hasselback Butternut Squash: A Work of Art

1. Selecting the Perfect Squash:

Choose a butternut squash that is firm, heavy for its size, and has a smooth, unblemished skin. This ensures a sweet and velvety texture once cooked.

2. Prepping the Squash:

  • Peel the butternut squash and slice a thin portion off the bottom to create a stable base.
  • Cut the squash in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds.

3. Creating the Hasselback Effect:

  • Place the squash halves cut-side down on a cutting board.
  • Make thin, parallel slices along the length of the squash, being careful not to cut all the way through. Leave about 1/4 inch intact at the bottom.

4. Seasoning and Baking:

  • Brush the squash with olive oil, ensuring it gets between the slices.
  • Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and your favorite herbs.
  • Roast in the oven at 375°F (190°C) for approximately 40-50 minutes, or until the squash is tender and the edges are beautifully caramelized.

5. Serve and Enjoy:

  • The Hasselback Butternut Squash is a visual masterpiece. Serve it as a side dish or a stunning centerpiece, and watch as your guests marvel at its intricate design.

Stuffed Butternut Squash: A Flavor Explosion

1. Preparing the Squash:

  • Cut the butternut squash in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds, creating a hollow cavity for the stuffing.

2. Roasting the Squash:

  • Rub the cut sides with olive oil, salt, and pepper.
  • Roast the squash halves in the oven at 400°F (200°C) for about 40-50 minutes or until fork-tender.

3. Creating the Stuffing:

  • In a pan, sauté diced onions, garlic, and your choice of vegetables until tender.
  • Mix in cooked quinoa, beans, or your preferred grains for added texture and protein.
  • Season the stuffing with herbs, spices, and a pinch of salt.

4. Stuffing the Squash:

  • Once the squash is roasted, fill the hollowed-out cavities with the prepared stuffing mixture.

5. Final Bake:

  • Return the stuffed squash to the oven for an additional 10-15 minutes, allowing the flavors to meld and the stuffing to crisp slightly.

6. Serve and Enjoy:

  • The Stuffed Butternut Squash is a wholesome and satisfying dish, perfect as a main course for a cozy dinner or a hearty lunch.

Plant Based Butternut Squash Two Ways

Baked Butternut Squash
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Course Main Course, Side Dish
Cuisine American


Hasselback Butternut Squash

  • 1 butternut squash
  • ¼ cup "No Chicken" or vegetable broth
  • 2 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1 tbsp coconut sugar or brown sugar
  • ¼ tsp ground chipotle
  • ¼ tsp ground sage
  • sage leaves


  • For the Hasselback butternut squash. Peel the squash and cut in half, length wise and using a spoon scoop out the seeds.

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